Headline June 9th, 2012 / Outfoxing the Hounds


The great Dutch Nation stirs as a growing audience. So it maybe befitting to thank the super Dutch Teachers and Managers who mentored me. Father J Klaver Burn Hall School, Engineer Verschoor, GE, Engineer J Tielroy, Chiem Oostdijk, Heni Den Toom, Damen Shipyards, Prof Bob Bomb, world's greatest authority on water. And All managers of Biesshbosh Shipyards! Thank you, Sirs. A blessed honour!!

Therefore, what David Cameron is proposing, is not only a huge institutional upheaval but a true cultural revolution. The trouble and the truth is that the British as a nation what many things mean, used to free health care, prodigious welfare spending and the nanny state, they have forgotten the art of self-reliance and mutual support. The post bureaucratic state is a patchwork quilt or it is nothing.

Again that sounds fine in theory. But, in practice, it would present Ministers with horrendous decisions. If, say, there was a scandal in a particular school, who then would go on the Today programme to explain what had happened?? The head Teacher? The chair of the governors? The mayor? Would the secretary of state for schools be able to resist the temptation to get involved??

So, dear readers, this is going to be the great paradox of

Dave: he has brought his party to power by looking and sounding like a true Tory pragmatist, a solid chap who won't frighten the horses. Haha! But, don't ever forget that appearances can be deceptive. If he means what he says, as he walks the talk, and plans small incursions into the enemy territory, under the Trojan horse ''post bureaucratic age'' and if the PBA is more than a disposable slogan, than the politics to come, in the next decade or so, will be a quite extraordinary roller coaster ride.

Hold tight and strap in right as vertigo is likely to follow.

Now just for fun and laughter let me remind you all of the Fox hunting ban. The tenacity of the rural population has all but shredded the law and the police have all but given up enforcing up!! Hahaha!

One brilliant analyst just put it so brilliantly : ''The fox hunting ban had nothing to do with animal welfare and everything to do with class hatred!!'' Haha! Yes, the Sun always rises over this great Nation!!

Thanks !WOW!

Good Night And God bless!
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