Headline June 7th, 2012 / "The True Revolutionary"

"The True Revolutionary"

David Cameron is one bright and great Leader of our times. Hold Tight, because Cameron's vision for the future of the state is as radical as you can imagine. So, forgive the jargon: The 'Post Bureaucratic Age.' And its people- power proposals could be, and is turning into, the biggest political shift of the century. So these times.... This is the dawning of ....the ''post bureaucratic age''. Scarcely poetic, is it? 

The Age of Aquarius, the age of Enlightenment. Or The Age of Charmed Innocence, l'Age d'Or, all trip of the tongue with satisfying ease. But, with a rough irony typical of Politics, the ''post bureaucratic age'' is exactly the sort of irritating, clunky phrase that a bored, disgruntled bureaucrat would come up with. 

Still David Cameron loves it. Along with ''social responsibility'' , ''rolling forward the frontiers of the society'' and ''we may all be in this together,'' the ''post bureaucratic age'' or ''PBA'', as Westminister wonks abbreviate it is and has been a favourite theme of the Tory Leader, especially when he is trying to explain the principles that bind together his ideas and his vision of a better Britain. As unappealing political jargon goes, it is only topped by Ed Balls ''post neoclassical endogenous growth theory''. 

The thing is: it is jargon that could matter very much indeed. We are used to politicians coming up with faddish slogans or verbal gimmicks that mean next to nothing. Remember Tony Blair's ''stakeholder society'' or the ''third way'' ?? In his 1997 Labour conference speech, Blair launched what he called 'the giving age' -an idea so vague, drippy and pointless it had been pretty much dropped by the time the delegates left the hall. 

But the ''post bureaucratic age'' is, potentially, a vision as radical as Thatcherism itself, if not more so. Its core is the proposition -spot on, by the way--that the lot fashioned, centralised state of the 20th century is no longer remotely fit for purpose. The vast nationalsed public services and welfare systems created after WWII may have been right for their time but they are certainly not for ours. 

So, thinks Dave, it is time to end the grip of vast Whitehall bureaucracies upon British lives. And what say, yee, for us, Sir! Haha! 

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