Headline June 28th, 2012 / "Liberty And Luck For All"

"Liberty And Luck For All"

She looked at me with questioning eyes. So i drop the big one: In a nation with sluggish wages, a growing chasm between the filthy rich and the very filthy rest of us, fewer and fewer of us believe we can rise through merit and hardwork. 

We now believe our only hope lies in a windfall, and windfalls come only to those who take chances, as those Fat Cats on Wall Street know. But since we are a passive folk, fine-fumed to a steady torpor by watching television and working our brains out on the Internet, we can only rise up for the thoughtless wager found in lettery tickets, video poker and slot machines. 

We come, I explain from generations of lazy adventurers who made instant fortunes looting Indians, finding gold and flimflamming one another in real estate deals, ancestors such as Andrew Jackson, who gave this bit of advice to his nephew: ''You must risque to win.'' 

The Revolutionary War was partly financed by lotteries, and the poster from the time has a familiar ring: It is not to be doubted but every real friend of his coumtry will most cheerfully become an aadventurer, and that the sale of tickets will be very rapid, especially as even the unsuccessful adventurer will have the pleasing reflection of having contributed to a degree to the great and glorious American cause! 

No one could have researched and scripted it better but one beautiful midnight, the year 1998, Sue Henley, a 47 years old construction inspector on a Las Vegas street-widening project, had ended her shift and headed over to 'New York - New York' 

She'd had a hunch about Megabucks, an electronically linked network of 747 slot machines that formed a web of dreams across Nevada. She pumped a 100 dollar worth of coins in the maw before coming up with four diamonds for the largest slot payoff in Nevada history Dollars 12,513,166.20. 

A few hours later at a news press conference, Henley answered questions, flanked by two women garbed as ''Statue of Liberty'' And as it happens, Megabucks has a history of massive payouts at the megacasinos. And as it happens, the pay out is spread out over twenty five years, which in arithmetic means this: interest alone on 12.5 million would be even, even at a low 5% rate more than 600,000 a year; but 12.5 million divided, as it is, into twenty five equal portions is 500,000 a year. 

In other words the payout hardly bled Megabucks!! So yee, great Students of the world, remember all our offerings and work belongs to the Students of the World. Well before 31st Dec looms, we would have reconciled the ''total optima'' of handing over the Torch of Sam Daily Times. 

And were this Torch ever to return, it would do so after over 200 years. Our 4th generation would be dust!! Meanwhile, and beyond september we admiringly bosom !WOW! Yes, WSSCIW, our Angel Mother will rise to help solve practical problems of the Students. 

With these emotions, Student Angel Mother and Sam Founders signing off for the morrow. Your silent prayer would elevate us.

Good Night And Good Bless!

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