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The Best Dreams 

Theories abound on the Internet!! They point to rainstorms and droughts in countries hostile to U.S. Cuba,Iran and have you noticed how dry and hot it is in Iraq?? 'We now have a black budget!' But these theoreticians are also idiots which Meterologists are not! 

Human activities can change the weather. Global warming is the obvious example. Furthermore, in controlled lab experiments silveriodide and other seeding agents have been proved to provoke participation. But out in the real world, the agents simply and visibly erode stratiform clouds and their ground hugging variant, fog. 

Sometimes they induce localized drizzle or flurries of snow of just the sort that Langmuir observed. So far so good. The problem, however, is that stratiform are unusually delicate formations, vulnerable to the power of man, and by definition so weak that their precipitation potential is feeble.

Much of their rain or snow evaporates before it even hits the ground. The exceptions are
saturated stratiform clouds in narrowly bounded mountainous regions, where upsloping terrain may trigger significant precipitation, and where statistical evidence is growing that winter seeding does enhance the snowfall. 

Otherwise, however, operational weather modifiers who want to have an effect on agriculture and surface-water supplies have to work with the far more dynamic environment of stacked and vertically developing clouds, which include thunderstorms and the infinitely chaotic mixtures of stratocumulus associated with frontal bands. 

These are the powerful clouds with the best potential for making natural rain and snow, a process which in theory can be meaningfully helped along. Beyond that, the interactions within natural clouds that lead to precipitation remain opaque and intricate, and defy''computer modelling' and accurate micro-forecasting.

In the end, after 60 years of inquiry, it remains impossible to know how much rain or snow would have fallen from doctored clouds had they just been left alone. Purists among the weather weenies like to drive that point home. But by the same token, weather modification has never been shown not to work. 

So back to The Xinjiang Region which now has over 500 Rocket Launchers and over 600 Twin Barrel, 37MM rapid fire cannons for shooting at clouds. Chairman Mao Zedong's famous quotation does come to mind : '' Power comes from the barrel of a gun!''

So lets see if the Chinese can get the rain to follow orders?! Science convinces me that weather modification at this stage of development is a scam. So, hey, bring on the Dragons!! Hahaha! 

Best wishes for you all!
Good Night And God Bless!

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