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The Common Heritage 

What no Scientist is telling you is one of the scariest parts of the Arctic meltdown: that some 40,000 years old Ebola or anthrax-like virus that we humans have no resistance against, could be lurking in the carcass of one of these long-extinct creatures that are being coughed up. 

Remember that's one way that nature deals with species whose population is getting out of hand. A 300 year old Yakut man's skeleton was recently disgorged by the melting permafrost near Yakutsk; he could have died of smallpox. There was a big epidemic in Yakutia around then, introduced by the Cossacks. So we could see the return of smallpox. 

In the first half of the 20th century, a hundred thousand reindeer a year died of anthrax on the Yamal Peninsula. The spores lie dormant in the soil and periodically break out. More than 10,000 foci of anthrax have been registered in Russia in the last hundred years. 

In Greenlaand, RNA from the tomato mosaic tobamovirus was recently detected in 140,000 year old ice, and a host of bacteria, fungi, yeasts, green algae, cyanobacteria, and mosses are coming up from column that are being drilled in three-million-year-old ice at the mouth of the Kolyma. But meanwhile, and in 2008, Bellinger disclosed as follows: '' 

After lengthy review, this administration concluded in 2004, that it's in the interest of U.S. that the Treaty be ratified, but only in 2007, the White House released a statement, after which a big push started. The Navy wanted it. So did Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, and Conoco Phillips, two Alaska Senators, the environmentalists, Alaska Fisherman, and Fiber Optic Cable companaies like Verizon, who can lay their lines in E.E'Z's. 

And, and the pastures for the wild reindeer is getting less and less because the taiga is coming up from the south. Grasses, Birches, and some bushes like Willow are covering the lichen. And the reindeer have changed their habits. The quantity of wolves is growing. Before, there were Tundra wolves. 

Now we are getting Taiga wolves too, who run bigger packs and kill many reindeer. What are the old people saying about these changes?? '' Nature is not respecting the people anymore because the people are doing many bad things, killing many animals, cutting many forests, many plants,

Dirtying rivers and lakes. They forget that they live in a natural world and are not respecting old traditions, so nature is returning to people their bad horrible actions.So the elders before us are saying that we have awakened the underworld spirits. Don't take from nature more than you need!!'' 

So, in a world with economic basis of take more and more, this wisdom would easily go a begging!! 

Good Night And God Bless!

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