Headline June 11th, 2012 / "'Loving and Hating America'"

Loving and Hating 

Let me fire the first salvo of laughter, and begin this '''awesome'' post by quoting from this great Frenchman La Rochefoucauld's observation that : 'hypocrisy is the compliment vice pays to virtue!'' Haha! Simply brilliant!! /Samurai to note/ So when a miser pretends to be generous, he's atleast acknowledging the fact that generosity is a good thing!! Haha!

In today's climate of brazen greed and make- believe democracy, our leaders keep all the crumbs to themselves. They have dropped their masks. In 1827, an Englishwoman named Francies Trollope- mother of the now more famous novelist Anthony Trollope- migrated to the United States, which was already billing itself as the land of opportunity. 

After various attempts to prosper in Cincinnati failed, she wrote a classic travelogue, Domestic Manners of the Americans. On the whole, she was not too impressed with America. The America's social conduct she reported, was a uniquely repellent mixture of vulgarity and prudery that involved copious handshaking, spitting, and expressions of selfrighteousness. 

Furthermore, she found the buildings there makeshift and ugly and the roads untraverseable. The merchants dishonest. The scholars ignorant; the woman flat chested but what really and truly galled her was America's hypocrisy: ''they inveigh agianst the governments of Europe, because, as they say, they favour the powerful and oppress the weak. 

You may hear this disclaimed upon in Congress, roared out in taverns, discussed in every drawing room, satirized upon the stage, nay, even anathematized from the pulpit: listen to it, and then look at them at home; you will see them with one hand hoisting the cap of liberty, and with the other ''flogging their Slaves''. 

You will see them one hour lecturing their mob on the indefeasible rights of man, and the next driving from their homes the children of the soil, ''whom they have bound themselves to protect by the most solemn of treaties!!'' Dear, dear, me!! Haha! OUCH!! 

Mrs Trollope rather truly and cruelly poked America in her real sore spots by invoking the two thoroughly repugnant crimes of America's early history--namely, ''the enslavement of Africans and the massacre of the native population!!?'' Thanks !WOW! And now who would venture to such a post!? 

See you morrow! Thank you all for your support as we hit home some truths! 

Good Night and God bless!

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