Hamilton Increases Campaign Goal to $133 Million

Hamilton College’s Bicentennial Initiatives campaign exceeded its $117 million goal 16 months ahead of its scheduled conclusion on June 30, 2013. The funds raised in the first two years of this brief three-year effort now surpass $119 million.

With this outpouring of contributions, campaign chair Jeff Little ’71 said the College is on track to achieve its best philanthropic year ever. To maintain campaign momentum and to meet the needs of priorities that have not been totally funded, Little said the Board of Trustees has raised the campaign goal to $133 million, but left the ending date unchanged.

“We are overwhelmed by the generosity of our alumni, parents and friends,” said Little, a 1971 Hamilton graduate who also serves as vice chair of the Board of Trustees. “We appreciate their support for our campaign priorities which are so important to Hamilton’s future.”

Bicentennial Initiatives is focused primarily on three objectives: endowed funds for financial aid, improved arts facilities, and unrestricted contributions for the annual operation of the college.

“Our objective was not to set a fund-raising record, as nice as that may be,” said Little. “This campaign was about meeting critical needs for the college. We asked our supporters to help us keep a Hamilton education affordable with new resources for financial aid and to help us upgrade facilities that are limiting the creative potential of students and faculty. They have responded generously despite a difficult economy, and we are very grateful.”

Gifts to the campaign have included the largest contribution in the college’s history, $16 million from the SunUp Foundation for scholarship aid, faculty research and new arts facilities. Hamilton alumnus Edward Taylor and his wife Virginia are directors for the foundation.

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