Forget Where You Parked? This iPhone App Reminds You

Remembering where you park in a big city can be a headache. But a new iPhone app called Find My Car Smarter works with a a small Bluetooth device that you place in your car to relieve it.

The Find My Car Smarter project raised $40,177 on Kickstarter earlier this year in order to manufacture the system's Bluetooth smart devices.

The car finder app is available in the Apple App Store for $0.99. It only works with the iPhone 4S. The Find My Car Smarter device is $25 -- or $30 with a car USB adapter.
To use the app, simply sync the car plug-in with your phone once it's in the car. Upon launching the app, it automatically displays where you parked, how far away the car is and how long you've parked in that location -- great for knowing when the meter's up.(Yahoo)


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