Facebook appears to choose Opera over Chrome

It looks like Google's Chrome is out and Opera is in, fueling further speculation of a possible Opera takeover by Facebook.

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

Facebook has apparently booted Google's Chrome browser off its supported recommended browser list, instead highlighting Opera, according to Favbrowser, which managed to cache a page with the note.

It's uncertain how official the page is, as it no longer accessible. Under Facebook's support page, all four major browsers are listed.

The switch is particularly noteworthy because of speculation that Facebook is interested in acquiring Opera. Facebook, meanwhile, has long considered Google a competitor in the social arena.

Sitting alongside Opera in the cached supported browser page is Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.

It's unclear whether the move has any meaning, or what that meaning may be. Regardless of the switch, Facebook still runs normally using the Chrome browser.

Facebook and Opera both declined to comment.



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