Duke Gigapixel Camera Offers Extreme Details Of Your Pictures

If you think holding over 20-megapixel camera from Nikon or Canon is enough power you’re equipped with for photographing great sights around then you might be right in one aspect, but in every aspect for sure.

The Aware-2, built by Duke University is gigapixel camera device that enables you to zoom-in on any part of the picture, after it has been taken, with immense detail. With it, you do not need to pre-focus an object, just shoot it and focus it later with extreme amount of detail to call it your Masterpiece.

But there is one problem right now, you cannot take it out with your on expeditions since its 100 pounds weight and two-oven sized body requires lots of space to cover. A consumer version is expected to come out some seven years later, if you can wait that long.

The researchers from Duke University used 100 microcameras each with 14MP sensor. It only takes B&W pictures but Dr. Brady, the team leader, believes that a 10 gigapixel color version of this remarkable camera device will be ready by the year-end. And then, they will go on to build a 50 gigapixel camera.



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