Disney’s first animated character re-animated

Disney's first animated character Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
 re-animated in a new movie
Walt Disney’s first animated character is going to be ‘re-born’ in a new movie. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was the forerunner of Mickey Mouse, and is celebrating his 85th anniversary.

Oswald first appeared in 26 episode series in the 1920s and 1930s for Universal Studios, and was highly successful. His huge ears and square red shorts look very much like Disney’s more famous character – Mickey Mouse. And it’s no coincidence, The Hollywood Reporter says.

Walt Disney’s personal sketchbooks and the rights for Oswald remained in the possession of Universal after the animator had a dispute with the studio. Aged 27 Disney left Universal and started on his own production company around Mickey Mouse.

In 2006 Disney regained rights for Oswald from NBC Universal.So to mark the anniversary Disney archivists took out the original Oswald sketches and made an animation film out of them. The new cartoon is titled "Harem Scarem" and sees the rabbit riding a two-humped camel.


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