China releases human rights action plan

China has released a new plan for the protection of human rights from 2012 to 2015. The plan details of how the government will protect people's political and religious rights, as well as their rights to education, health and employment.

The plan says China will establish a basic medical and health care system. The country hopes to increase average life expectancy to 74.5 years by 2015. What’s more, 150-thousand general practitioners will be trained during the same period.

China also restates the principle of religious freedoms. Religious activities will be protected, as long as they follow the law. The country will also improve the organisation of pilgrimage, and encourage believers to carry out charitable activities.

As for ethnic minorities, China will protect the rights and interests of ethnic minorities, and encourage them to take part in state and social affairs. They'll be encouraged to learn, use and develop their own spoken and written languages. The state guarantees that ethnic minorities will also enjoy equal access to public services.

The plan will also protect women's rights in the hope to promote gender equality. The state will make efforts to eliminate gender discrimination in the workspace and realize equal payment. It will also prevent and prohibit domestic violence against women, and crack down on female abduction and trafficking.   (cntv.cn)


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