Check out this $450 pizza

There seems to be a never-ending amount of crazy expensive restaurant dishes. Just weeks ago, we were introduced to a $295 burger, claimed to be the most expensive by the Guinness Book of World Records (actually, it's not).

It's not just burgers that are getting adorned with expensive ingredients, though. Stevenson Pizza Co., a small chain of pizzerias in British Columbia, Canada offers a $450 pizza with a thermidor of lobster, black Alaskan cod and a side of Russian Osetra caviar. If customers are interested in the pricey pie, they need to order it one day ahead of time. Not surprisingly, only one customer has ordered it.

"The idea was to make a culinary statement,'' owner Nader Hatami told Canada.com.

This "statement" is in fact not the most expensive pizza one can buy. Margo's Pizzeria in Malta sells a pie with white truffles and 24-carat gold leaf for a mere $2,400. Or, there's this $1,000 pizza with caviar. Or, for $8,200, you can get a pizza sprinkled with diamonds.

We're not sure which trend is worse -- these ridiculously expensive pizzas, or these frightening displays of gluttony, in the form of hamburgers baked into pizza crust.  (Huffingtonpost.com)


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