Catherine Zaks: Parents in Poland for murder trial

The mother of a Kent student who was murdered in Poland has described the man who is on trial for her murder as "pure evil".

Catherine Zaks, 21, was bludgeoned to death with a thick rubber pipe and was found lying next to a railway embankment in Krakow in July 2011.

A 45-year-old bus driver named only as Miroslaw is accused of her murder.

Ms Zaks' parents, Greg and Viola Zaks, from East Sussex, have returned to Poland for the trial.

The couple, who have lived in the UK for 30 years and used to run a post office in Staplecross, said: "He could have beaten her with fists.

'Premeditated murder'

"Beating her on the head with a heavy object time after time after time until he was sure that she was dead just doesn't bear thinking about."

While in court, Mr and Mrs Zaks heard graphic evidence from two pathologists detailing the injuries their daughter received.

Ms Zaks was the last passenger on the accused bus driver's route. He claimed he tried to wake her but an argument started and that she fell out of the bus into the ditch.

Prosecution barrister Liliana Bugay-Wotek said: "In our opinion this was not an accident - the accused killed Catherine Zaks, striking her in the head repeatedly. This was premeditated murder."

Ms Zaks had gone to Poland to work as an intern at an art gallery. At the time she was in her second year at the University of Kent.

Mr Zaks said: "Some people may commit crimes but what happened to our daughter is beyond any words."

"He is pure evil," said Mrs Zaks.

"He should be removed from society permanently and I wish that the court would give him the sentence that the court would give if it happened to their families."

Mr and Mrs Zaks will return to court in September when six Polish judges will decide if Catherine Zaks was murdered or if it was manslaughter.

Source: BBC


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