Can pizza vending machine finally cure our munchies?

All these years later, we here at Crave are still driving around at 3 in the morning (is it still 3 in the morning?) with the mad munchies eyeing the all-night gas stations and closed supermarkets and looking for that WonderPizza vending machine we heard so much about back in '07.

Honestly, with our stomachs growling maniacally as they have been for the last 39 months or so, we've been considering bagging the pie and grabbing a kosher hot dog, a piece of raw meat, or even a pair of socks to eat. Whichever vending machine appears first.

Ah, but it looks like there's hope. The smartphone we picked up at that last vending machine we encountered -- the smartphone we've so far refrained from eating -- tells us that another company promises to bring pizza vending machines to the States. And judging from the video (embedded below), the resulting pies might not be entirely revolting.

A quick check on what, during this endless quest, has become our go-to blog --PizzaMarketPlace.com -- informs us that Italian Claudio Torghel's "Let's Pizza" machine should arrive soon, with its Dutch distributor, A1 Concepts, opening a U.S. headquarters this year.

A1 CEO Ronald Rammers says the machines can fire up a fresh, tasty pizza in just 2.5 minutes, owing to their infrared ovens. He also says the machines are always stocked with the freshest ingredients because they're Internet-connected and can thus cry out when running low on, say, onions, or peppers.

"We have our own facilities where we produce the toppings," Rammers tells PizzaMarketPlace.com, "and it is possible to create any kind of pizza -- meat, fish, vegetarian, any kind. We also receive requests for kosher pizzas and pizzas that meet the requirements for Muslims. All options are open. Each machine offers four different pizzas."

Awesome, we say. But will the machines include some sort of GPS device so we can find them? We can't keep driving around like this forever.

Source: cnet


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