Biker Boyz (2003)

Biker Boyz is a 2003 drama film about a group of underground motorcycle drag racers. It stars Laurence Fishburne, Djimon Hounsou, Derek Luke, Meagan Good, and Larenz Tate and is written and directed by Reggie Rock Bythewood. It also features Lisa Bonet, Orlando Jones, Kid Rock and Vanessa Bell Calloway.

Plot: In the world of underground motorcycle clubs, the undefeated racer known as Smoke (Laurence Fishburne) is the undisputed "King of Cali." But Smoke's dominance of the set is about to be threatened by a young motorcycle racing prodigy called Kid (Derek Luke), who is determined to win Smoke's helmet and earn the coveted title. Kid says that the difference between men and boys are the lessons they learn- and that his father, Slick Will, taught him plenty.

One day, as he is still a "prospector" (a mark for all the bikers who are still not experienced enough to join a bike crew) is with Slick Will, who is also Smoke's mechanic. A biker challenges Smoke to a race, who accepts. In the midst of the race, the biker loses control as the brakes fail, and he falls of the bike and hits the telephone pole, being paralyzed from his waist down. The bike flies away, and it hits Slick Will, and drags him to a store, killing him instantly. Smoke stops and runs over to Will, and Kid is shocked by this, looking angry at Smoke. At the funeral, dozens of bikers from the "Black Knights" (to whom Slick was a mechanic) show up with Smoke, who drops a rose and a Black Knights flag to his grave.

6 months later, Kid is now a familiar racer with his custom-powered bike, and he shows up at the events. His first "race" was when he interfered with Stuntman's race with Donny. As he interrupts the race, he pulls off several stunts, notably standing on top of the motorcycle while it is still moving. He wins the race and the crowd seem to like his stunts, much to the dissatisfaction of Smoke. Kid demands to race with Smoke but Smoke says he is too inexperienced and should get experience first. It is later revealed that Kid and Stuntman were hustling in that race.


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