Best Delegate Ranks CMC Model UN Team 7th on List of World Division Top 25 Teams

Educational company Best Delegate has ranked which college Model UN teams are the best on the circuit, and CMC is on that list––ranked 7th on the list of World Division Top 25 teams for 2011-12.

“This marks a great finish to the end of a very successful year for our program,” said CMC World Model UN President Ajay Sridhar, who graduated from the College last Saturday.

Claremont McKenna’s rise shows that with dedicated training and balanced scheduling, a small liberal arts college can rise to national prominence in a circuit populated by much bigger universities, notes Best Delegate.

Sridhar says CMC finished its season as the top ranked liberal arts Model UN program, as well as the top ranked program on the West Coast––ahead of UC Berkeley (#13), UCLA (#21), and Stanford (#22). “For this, we are very proud,” Sridhar says.

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