Beloit College mourns loss of 44-year faculty member, Dan Shea

Dan Shea
The Beloit College community today is remembering and mourning the loss of one of its own—Dan Shea, an anthropology professor at the college since 1968. Shea passed away after a fall on Tuesday night, June 19, in Chile.

Shea and five Beloit students were in the country as part of a summer research trip. The students arrived in Chile on Friday, June 8, and were scheduled to remain in the country until June 27. However, preparations are being made to return them home as soon as possible. A Beloit College alumnus, as well as an adjunct professor from the college, were also on the trip and remain with the students at this time.

In a letter to the campus community today, President Scott Bierman noted Shea’s long service to the college and his great regret at having to deliver such news. However, he wrote, “I admit to finding some comfort in the knowledge that when he passed, Dan was in a place that he loves, doing what he does best—introducing students to the archaeological wonders of Latin America.”

Shea’s bio is available on the anthropology department website. President Bierman’s letter to campus is posted on the college’s internal news website, the Terrarium.

No additional details are available at this time. However, the Terrarium will be updated with any news or details regarding service arrangements as they become available.

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