The news was published in Discovery News on May 14th, 2012

Embarrassment or pride can sometimes trump the questions that students want to ask in class, and that can end up being a big problem come test time. A new Web-based app called Understoodit from Toronto-based developer Liam Kaufman allows students to tell the teacher anonymously when they don’t understand a lesson.

When a teacher sets up an Understoodit account, students can log in with any device and select the options “understood” or “confused” during a lecture. Depending on how many students respond, the teacher can re-explain the topic, or class members can discuss which issues they might be finding difficult to comprehend. The program is geared more toward college students, which makes sense given that it’s a device-based system and most secondary schools don’t allow cellphones in class. If there were a way to use this app without the worry of smartphone distraction, it could be a good tool for both middle and high school students, as well.


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