Robotic espresso machine turns your foam into text art

If you haven't accepted it by now, it's time: Robots are better than us at absolutely everything. They can drive betterclean better, and even probably write this very article better than I can. Still, the world of espresso art has been relatively clear of any mechanical interlopers, at least until now. A company called Zipwhip had a special machine rigged up for their own personal use that can print on your coffee foam.

Zipwhip isn't actually in the coffee business, it's in the cloud messaging business, and its premier product is a text messaging system that can let your PC send text messages linked to your existing phone number. Using its cloud structure, Zipwhip is designed to work seamlessly with an Android smartphone and make the process of sending texts from your desk as simple as logging on to a web app.

The company's state-of-the-art coffee machine has a few text tricks up its sleeve as well: You can send a text directly to the robotic brewing wonder and have it make you a cup of coffee from miles away. Then, it prints the last 3 digits of your phone number on the foam using edible ink, so you know it's been made just for you.

In the video above, Zipwhip CEO John Lauer insists that we can't have one of our own, but we beg to differ. If there's a company out there that can create an espresso printer for Zipwhip, there has to be one out there for us as well.

[via CNET]


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