Queen look alike gets greets Chinese shoppers

(Telegraph)A Queen Elizabeth lookalike was specially flown into Shanghai to greet Chinese shoppers at a local shopping mall, the Daning International Plaza, ahead of the Diamond Jubilee.

The "Queen" took time off to greet the Chinese crowd as part of a tea party to celebrate the real Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations and to promote tourism to Britain in 2012.

To complete the British feel, the Union Jack waving throng were also treated to a concert featuring music from a Beatles tribute band as part of the festivities.

Her Majesty will celebrate 60 years on the throne in June, with huge crowds expected for a concert at Buckingham Palace, a grand procession through the streets of London and a 1,000-strong flotilla along the River Thames.

Of course London will also be hosting the Olympics this summer, and Chinese tour agents are aggressively marketing flights and packages to Britain for the Games.


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