Headline May 4th, 2012 / "Never Trust Anyone Wearing A Tie!!"

Part 2
"Never Trust Anyone Wearing A Tie!!"

Respectful Dedication Dr Jaffrey Sachs - Dr Robert Shiler/ Yale - Dr Cass Sunstein

Dr Jaffrey Sachs

Dr Robert Shiler/ Yale

Dr Cass Sunstein

The business of America is business! And no one should ever forget that! Should someone be interested in studying America's relationship with the World, try figuring out the Policy and Financial Projections of its Defense Manufacturers. You will never go wrong! And just try understanding the mastery of one of Professor Taleb's favourite Maxims: "Never trust anyone wearing a Tie."  Hahaha! Pure brilliance, believe me!! In fact it matters a lot to the Prof what someone wears. For him the standard business uniform is a disguise, purpose designed to deceive. Haha! 

But laughter aside the Prof delights in soft collared shirts, jeans and blazers!! So on that Saturday morning-with weeks still to go until President Obama took office- there was already a gnawing sense of tedium vitae in American body politic; the shocked aftermath of the crash, a wreck that while some had seen it coming , only a handful had possessed the wisdom to swerve around, let alone profit from it. And one of those was Nassim Taleb.

And only that very November's weekend, the "Big Three" American car makers were depressingly locked in talks with the outgoing President. All of them desperate for a cash injections that could help them stay alive. All of them needing high octane cash! But, meanwhile, they watched anxiously, that Repository of all Hope,The President Elect, was on the verge of announcing major policy appointments. 

The moments were electrifying and many newspaper were swirling up storms, that to others meant merely the gaggle of so - called "Rubinistas" that swam around Robert Rubin, President Bill Clinton's old Treasury Secretary, who was now enjoying the top tier perch at Citibank, and was responsible for the bank's disastrous policy of high income, fixed growth trading. 

So powerful was Robert Rubin, that even the august, - and - unashamedly Hopeful -New York Times- had described Rubin as "the essence of the Washington - New York Finance Axis of Power", and as a man who had presided over "a buckling financial system". The post continues so stay tuned. And don't forget that the Nassim Taleb believes that the World's frozen credit markets may not thaw for sometime yet!!! 

Good Night & God Bless!

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