Twitter's new guide for artists

Twitter has created a new section of the guide which uses famous musicians' twitter accounts as case studies on its site. It will help artists know how to use twitter to their advantage. The Twitter guide for musicians recommends that artists include photos in their tweets, create official hashtags for their tours and reply to their fans.

After MySpace, it is Twitter that is catching on as a place where all musicians can promote their work and connect with fans.Earlier this month, Lady Gaga broke Twitter records becoming the first tweeter to reach 20 million followers.

“For music fans, Twitter is the next best thing to being backstage,” the guide explains. “And for performers, connecting with your fans in an authentic way is one key to your success. A Twitter connection tells fans how much you appreciate them, and it also enables you to tailor your messages. The fact is, Twitter provides more authenticity and creative control than any other online medium. Tweets come straight from you, and go right to your followers all over the world, in real-time.


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