Expedia has recently conducted a survey among American travelers to monitor the tourism situation in current economical climate. Surprisingly, the industry has not been affected and the leisure-travel business remains the same.
As a well respected provider of tourism-related services and a massive travel search engine, Expedia’s reports are always well esteemed. Their recent study focused on the state of American tourism.
The American Traveler Survey aimed to monitor the situation of the leisure-travel business. Its outcome has surprised many as in spite of the apparent economic downturn the industry has not been affected.
The data collected in fact shows that Americans are travelling as much as ever, though perhaps are slightly more rational in terms of their travel choices. A smaller number of tourists opt for air travel and rather choose to drive.
On the other hand, the total number of nights in hotels has increased. A surprising 41% of Americans have admitted to having driven across the United States. Also, what has become this year’s hit are shorter, more varied trips, which have replaced long, concentrated holidays.
Over 30% of Americans have visited the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge, The Grand Canyon, and the National Mall in Washington. What most tourists have in common is their passion for social media. Their motives are simply to keep in touch with their loved ones and in fact, 50% of travelers frequently use social media during their trips. Naturally, the highest rates have been recording in the 18-44-year age group.

Source: tourism-review


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