The Peek Email Device Goes Open Source

If at first you don’t succeed, open source the sucker. Peek has released an open source version of their Peek Mobile operating system, allowing hackers to use the all-but-obsolete little email device as a hacker platform. The Linux release is available the PeekLinux wiki and hackers are already adding new apps and functionality to the tiny device.

Peek itself has pivoted out of the hardware space to become a cloud services provider for so-called dumb phones, allowing for push email, social media check-ins, and other interesting applications. They recently scored HTC as a client and the founder Amol Sarva is now aiming squarely at developing markets in their push to add improved features to less advanced phones.

Programmer Chris Wade is leading the Peek open source charge and has built a tool chain and methodology for installing homebrew software. The biggest problem? Trying to find a Peek to test it on. Radio Shack and Target are out of them, apparently, and there are three on eBay right now (Note: do not search for just “peek” on eBay while at work unless you want to see bras with the fronts cut out.)

It’s nice to see a former hardware company give back to its long-time supporters, even if it’s in a postmortem sort of way.


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