Paul Martin gives Canadian schools a failing grade in history

Students are being shortchanged in their understanding of Canadian history, former prime minister Paul Martin says, stressing the need to revamp curriculums to include more about first nations.
Mr. Martin, who launched a native education foundation after retiring from federal politics in 2006, said the failure to teach aboriginal culture in off-reserve schools is clear.
“Should Canadian students be taught about the history of the M├ętis, the history of first nations and the history of the Inuit as a part of Canadian history? Absolutely,” Mr. Martin told The Globe. “And that’s also part of a wider question, which is: Do we teach Canadian history well in this classroom? And the answer to that is no.”
That’s why the Martin Aboriginal Education Initiative partnered with Free the Children last year to deliver supplementary programs on first-nations education that schools can integrate into their provincial curriculums. More than 300 schools participated in the current academic year and Mr. Martin hopes the number doubles next time around.
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