Nokia drops another 1000 employees

To say it's been a rough year for Nokia would be a huge understatement. And things are only going to get worse before they get better. Case in point: the company just finalized an agreement to cut up to another 1,000 jobs, all at its plant in Salo, Finland.

The cuts will not happen all at once, instead positions will be phased out over the course of the year, with most layoffs coming before the end of June. For those in Western Europe it's another batch of manufacturing jobs heading to Asia, for Nokia it's simply part of a restructuring plan designed to help it stop the bleeding.

The staff that remains will focus on installing software that caters to European customers. After several quarters of bad news and then a complete shift in smartphone platform it only makes sense that Nokia would find itself in dire straights. Still, in a country where unemployment hovers at around eight percent, we're sure no amount of national pride will make people feel better about losing more jobs.


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