MOG Finally Gets Around To Releasing A Native Windows App

MOG has been making headlines this week because of their potential acquisition by Taiwanese Phone manufacturer HTC, but their newest announcement sadly doesn’t mention anything of the like. Instead, the popular on-demand music service has finally pushed out a a version of their desktop player for the Windows-running masses.

The move seems to have come just in time too — some of the MOG natives have been getting restless lately. I can’t say I blame them, as MOG has long since released applications for OS X, iOS and Android, not to mention their appearances in a few cars.

Heck, MOG first announced that they had a Windows version of the application in the works way back in September when they first released their Mac client. Such a tease!

Joking aside, Windows fans hoping for a few extra features to make their seven-month wait worthwhile may come away a little disappointed — this new Windows build packs all the same features the Mac version (except for support for a remote control). Still full support for AirPlay, keyboard shortcuts, and the ability to play music at a 320 kbps bitrate is nothing to sneeze at when you’ve only ever been able to fiddle with the service through a web browser.

If you’re a Windows-devoted MOG user you’ve probably already taken the plunge, but the client can be downloaded here in case you’ve yet to get your groove on.


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