Let's clear the air on fans

The quality of your indoor air is important, and one way to keep it good is to ventilate the moist air and odours created in kitchens and bathrooms. This is important in all homes, but especially so in newer construction, since new homes are built to have good insulation and tight air seals that prevent air movement.
This leads to a decrease in fresh air circulation, which leads to a stagnant environment, condensation on windows, flaking paint and mould growth. The best solution is to buy and professionally install ventilation fans.

Take it outside
Whatever you do, don't vent your fans into the attic - they need to send air directly outside. The moisture and heat will help create the perfect conditions for mould to grow, and grow quickly. I've seen the damage that can result from ventilation fans releasing air into attics, walls, ceilings or roof soffits. It causes rot that can destroy your home's structure.
There's a good reason it is completely against building code to vent exhaust systems into attics - it's critically important to vent to the outside, to get rid of moisture.

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