Headline March 29th, 2012 / "Cyberspace Cunnings"

Part 4
"Cyberspace Cunnings"
Respectful dedication Dr Michael Loots, Belgium -
Lucy Cabrera, Food for Survival, Food Bank, USA.

 No student should miss reading David Foster Wallace's novel ''Infinite Jest.'' And he refers to many acts as, 'Depend Adult Undergarment.' Man, did Cyberspace ever Leak. And no one could control this leaking! And no one ever will!

Apple's obsession with control is maniac. But iPhone 4 leaked all over the Cyberspace when an employee disclosed a prototype at a bar! US military documents shocked the world with the info that the 'war wasn't going too well. Then came the frosting, showing what the US Diplomats think and feel about world leaders '....vain fastidious, vindictive....'. Hahaha! Thanks Wiki and bring on the artillery!!

So is Cyberspace 'The Emperor of All Maladies!?' Lets see how Hendra approaches the subject with dispassionate analysis and unrestrained fascination : " Cyberspace: a Tower of Banal, a confederacy of losers, an electronic ankle monitor for what's left of your privacy--and you paid for it." And he adds " when you break an ocean of cherry blossoms down to its basic unit, you will find a five petalled miracle of exquisite simplicity. When you break Cyberspace down to its basic unit, you will find the bit, or binary digit, an antimiracle that reduces every aspect of life, cherry blossom or dollar transfer, to the meaningless anonymity of ''data''---the final triumph of the cube headed, money grabbing philistines!! "

True, by any measure!! Yes, it now seems that Cyberspace is perhaps more adapted to survival than even we are!!! A parallel species!! Well, Cyberspace, let me echo a popular cry : ''Cyberspace, You are a Cyberspinach, and I say to hell with you,ever!!? But remember we Students are Not Gadgets!!''

Hahaha! Thanks !WOW! and Goodnight. God bless you all!

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