Headline March 27th, 2012 / Cyberspace or Cubehead!

Part 2
Cyberspace or Cubehead!
Respectful dedication Andy Groove Intel - Larry Ellison Oracle

Cyberspace is the infuriating limbo those "Press '1' now!" that answering systems consigns you to, making you the unpaid operator. So cyberspace is that deep blankness you feel in your gut when with the simple click of your mouse you execute a deal on eBay!! And one great writer calls Cyberspace the aptly named Internet , - holes held together by hot air - which provides all the thrill and anxiety of pen palling with the intense excitement of a rock climbing.

Writes another famous writer: "Cyberspace is the bottomless self-loathing you feel when you have stayed up all night scribbling notes to total strangers whose lives are so impoverished that they stay up all nights scribbling notes to total strangers!?"

Hahaha! Some interaction, some weirdness ! And then, and then, he goes on to sum up in a manner that will send you screaming heavenward! "Cyberspace is a Tower of Banal, a confederacy of jacked-in jack-offs. Cyberspace is a vast hollow tree crammed with overweight Lost Boys looking for a Cyber Wendy! Cyberspace is Earth's sub atmosphere, a planetary carapace of fat, grey sluggish smog that makes every worthwhile creative experience slower , clumsier., and hugely more expensive than it need to be!!??"

 Hahaha! Dear, dear me !! Pure brilliance !! See ya on part 3 ! Goodnight folks and God bless for another merry go round!

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