Headline March 25th, 2012 / "How To Shine in These Ever Horrid Exams!!"

"How To Shine in These Ever Horrid Exams!!"
Respectful Dedication Pakistan Cricket Team

This is one hell of an advise so the World Students must listen up. Let me teach you how to outsmart the exams irrespective of your field of study!!

First, let me delight you all by telling you 'don't work harder, work smarter'
Here is time tested wisdom on making the words fly off the pages and into your brain.
  1. Have your eyes tested once in 6 months. I countenance the theory that slow learning is the result of longsightedness. A pair of glasses may be all that stands between you and great results.
  2. Shake off your nervousness. Exams are fun!!
  3. Pick quiet times to study. External noises will slow your retention process.Close the door and avoid distractions.
  4. Get the context right. Know what the general themes are of the subject before you set to study. For a course book, skim the contents page and sleeve notes; if a document look at the summary points. This will help your mind join the dots when you move through the paras.
  5. Don't spell it out! Most of you still say each word phonetically in your heads because this is how you were taught to read. Remember this process hinders the rate at which we digest text. Instead try tackling whole clauses or sentences at a time.
  6. Stretch yourself. The more you push your natural reading speed, the quicker you'll improve.So learning to "Speed-Read" is a vital tool.To develop that, spend a set amount of time each day reading faster than you are used to in order to raise your exam preparation. A useful training tool is www.zapreader.com/reader, a free piece of software into which you paste a section of text, then specify your desired words/min rate, before it beams the passage back at you on screen at the preset speed.
  7. Look forward. Never be tempted to go back and re-read paras. Chances are, the info has already been discerned by your brain and the subsequent text will put it into clearer context anyway. To help you kick the habit, use a piece of card to cover what you have already read as you move down the page.
  8. Establish a target.So get a 10,000 word text to get through? Use your current reading speed to calculate a realistic time frame and then stick to it.
Were you to print this for your bedside reading, and strictly stick to it, you will find All Exams just a pleasant breeze!! Haha!
Best wishes! Goodnight!
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