Headline March 21st, 2012 / The Infinity Load

The Infinity Load
Respectful Dedication:"Peace And Harmony For Mankind!" 

That Einstein was the foremost theorist of the century is absolutely beyond question. That he was an absent minded Professor is also indisputable. In 1887, two scientists at the Case School in Cleveland measured the speed of light in the direction of the earth's motion and again at the right angles to the earth's moon, and the results were identical. Surprisingly Einstein accepted the Case  data at face value despite its eccentricity. Einstein argued that all observers, will measure the same speed of light no matter how fast they are relative to its source.

The laws of science, including the consultancy of the speed of ligt, should, in other words, be the same for all freely moving observers. This rather straightforward idea has some very extraordinary consequences, including the equivalence of mass and energy or E = mc2. Thus, in this equation, E is the amount of Energy that can be theoretically created from a mass m multiplied by the square of speed of light c2. This is written as c because it is a constant. And that essentially gives us the law that nothing can travel faster than 'speed of light'.

So, because mass and energy are equivalent, any increase in objects energy will also add to its mass which makes it more difficult to increase its speed. And this phenomenon only occurs at close to the speed of light.
But at, say, 90% of   the speed of light, an object would be more than double in ordinary mass. While at the speed of light, its mass would be infinite and it would consequently have taken in infinite amount of energy to get there.

Another consequence of relativity is that, to all intents and purposes it does away with the concept of absolute time. A clock set up in a rocket travelling close to the speed of light, for instance, will run slower than one on earth ! At the speed of light, which it couldn't get to but anyway, it would stop altogether.

Hahaha! Oh dear! Some laws! So Great folks don't miss the final post!! I can't turn you into Einstein but my explanation could delight you! Haha!

Goodnight and God bless all!

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