Hannibal (2001)

Hannibal is a 2001 thriller film directed by Ridley Scott, adapted from the Thomas Harris novel of the same name. It is a sequel to the 1991 Academy Award-winning film The Silence of the Lambs that returns Anthony Hopkins to his iconic role as serial killer Hannibal Lecter. Julianne Moore co-stars, taking over for Jodie Foster in the role of FBI Agent Clarice Starling.

Set ten years after The Silence of the Lambs, the premise is that Mason Verger (a former victim played by Gary Oldman) is determined to capture, torture, and kill Lecter. The film's locations alternate between Italy and the U.S. The film's development drew a large amount of attention, with The Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme, screenwriter Ted Tally and actress Jodie Foster all eventually declining involvement. Upon release, Hannibal broke box-office records in the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK in February 2001


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