Google optimizing search results

Google has always had trouble with poor search result quality and as the number of websites continues to grow the number of bogus results have continued to increase. Fortunately Google is now beginning to optimize their search results and over the past few years they’ve gotten much better. This week though Google announced that they will be making the most drastic step yet by penalizing sites that are too optimized.

This is good news for everyone because it should lead to better Google search results and less useless and wasted time. This means more productivity and hopefully an easier time finding all of the necessary information or links online. This is truly good news because right now a large majority of searches are filled with wasted time sorting through irrelevant or worthless results.
Google hasn’t said exactly how they are going to be cutting back on useless results, but they claim it will be remarkably effective. Search engine optimization is the current hot button topic among webmasters and if Google does manage to successful cut down the effectiveness it will definitely bring a whole new level of quality to Google searches around the world. This great news should bring all sorts of productivity and ease of use to Google in the coming weeks, assuming it actually does work as well as Google is claiming that it will. For now we can only hope that it does work well.


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