Confirmed: New iPad's heat a non-issue

(News.Cnet)Yes, the new iPad runs warmer than its predecessor. But it's no hotter than your average laptop, and not extreme enough to change our overall opinion of the device.

The new 2012 iPad runs warmer than the iPad 2, but it's no hotter than many laptops under similar conditions.
That's the conclusion after hours of testing in CNET's San Francisco and New York Labs, all of which are detailed below.
We're continuing to test a variety of aspects on the iPad, including heat output, wireless performance, and other features. But--so far, at least--the operating temperature is no reason for CNET to change its buying recommendation (the new iPad is currently the highest rated tablet on our site, and an Editors' Choice).
As always, there are myriad variables here--how you hold (or don't hold) the iPad, whether you use a case, what apps you run, and for how long.
If you're a prospective buyer and concerned about the issue, we'd suggest giving the iPad some hands-on testing in a retail store before committing to a purchase.

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