Best Education Sites Shows Colleges That Rule the Web

The evidence that the higher education market is booming is everywhere — student debt has eclipsed personal debt, more students are going to college than ever, and a college degree is increasingly necessary for a decent job. That demand has been met by a growing number of colleges, all of whom are competing intensely for future students.

That competition is, by and large, has its battles waged on the Internet . A new project, Best Education Sites, has set out to compile and analyze — with some surprising conclusions — how the higher ed market has taken to the online world to improve admissions, communications, course offerings and educational outcomes.

Social Media Presence Matters

Colleges have taken to social media as well as any other sector — UC Berkeley has delivered YouTube content to over 5,000,000 viewers; Harvard has three-quarters of a million Facebook likes; Syracuse University has over 10,000 Tweets.

Read details here.


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