Altitude Sickness

Altitude sickness is something that millions of people suffer from at various times in their lives, there are dozens of specialized drugs on the market that claim to work against altitude sickness but a research paper released today shows that the best medication may have been hiding in plain sight all along. Ibuprofen has been available for a very long time as a fairly standard painkiller and now it looks like it may just be the best altitude sickness treatment as well.

The study shows that treating altitude sickness via traditional medications is effective but not nearly as effective as standard ibuprofen. The medical industry is now planning a follow up study to this one, although at this point the results truly are quick promising. The availability and price of ibuprofen means that millions of people will be able to quickly and easily get access to the altitude sickness prevention they need. This is great news simply because it is something that has not been available in the past, plus the study shows that ibuprofen is actually much more effective than the more expensive and less common altitude sickness drugs.

Researchers say that this is a very surprising outcome, but overall they’re happy to see the results. People around the world should be feeling a bit better next time they’re at high altitude thanks to the positive effects of ibuprofen on altitude sickness. Next time you need to deal with altitude sickness, ibuprofen might be worth considering.


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