Supermodels Waaaay Before They Were Stars

Pop culture website Snakkle has compiled vintage pics of our favorite famous faces waaaaay before they were mega-models and business moguls.

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford may be stunningly beautiful, but she’s no dummy. Before becoming a full-time model, she was valedictorian of DeKalb High School in Illinois and studied chemical engineering at Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University — on a scholarship.
She didn’t stay in school very long, though, because that modeling thing was going pretty well. And, remember Crawford’s classic Pepsi commercial (we will wait for you to Google it). According to her recent Tweet, she still has “those cutoffs”.They probably still fit, too.

Christie Brinkley

If you look up “aging well” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Christie Brinkley in 8th grade next to a recent pic of the “original supermodel” (both above).
At 57, Brinkley is still the ultimate supermodel: according to reports, her contract with CoverGirl is the longest in cosmetics history. And Brinkley may not have been the first to marry a rock star (she married and divorced Billy Joel), but she was one of the first to cross over into film. Her cameo National Lampoon’s Vacation in 1983 is still imprinted on many moviegoers’ minds.


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