Score Card AUS vs IND

Australia 333 & 179/8 (60.0 ov)
India 282
Australia lead by 230 runs with 2 wickets remaining
Stumps - Day 3
Australia 1st inningsRB4s6sSR
View dismissalEJM Cowanc †Dhoni b Ashwin681777038.41
View dismissalDA Warnerc †Dhoni b Yadav37494175.51
View dismissalSE Marshc Kohli b Yadav06000.00
View dismissalRT Pontingc Laxman b Yadav62946065.95
View dismissalMJ Clarke*b Khan31685045.58
View dismissalMEK Husseyc †Dhoni b Khan01000.00
View dismissalBJ Haddinc Sehwag b Khan27701038.57
View dismissalPM Siddlec †Dhoni b Khan41994041.41
JL Pattinsonnot out18542033.33
View dismissalBW Hilfenhausc Kohli b Ashwin19323059.37
View dismissalNM Lyonb Ashwin6111054.54
Extras(lb 21, w 2, nb 1)24
Total(all out; 110 overs)333(3.02 runs per over)
Fall of wickets 1-46 (Warner, 13.1 ov)2-46 (Marsh, 15.1 ov)3-159 (Ponting, 48.3 ov)4-205 (Clarke, 64.2 ov),
5-205 (Hussey, 64.3 ov)6-214 (Cowan, 67.1 ov)7-286 (Haddin, 90.6 ov)8-291 (Siddle, 96.1 ov),
9-318 (Hilfenhaus, 105.4 ov)10-333 (Lyon, 109.6 ov)
View wicketsZ Khan3167742.48(1nb, 1w)
I Sharma2474802.00
View wicketsU Yadav26510634.07(1w)
View wicketsR Ashwin2938132.79
India 1st inningsRB4s6sSR
View dismissalG Gambhirc †Haddin b Hilfenhaus3230013.04
View dismissalV Sehwagb Pattinson67837080.72
View dismissalR Dravidb Hilfenhaus681876036.36
View dismissalSR Tendulkarb Siddle73988174.48
View dismissalI Sharmac †Haddin b Hilfenhaus11690015.94
View dismissalVVS Laxmanc †Haddin b Siddle222009.09
View dismissalV Kohlic †Haddin b Hilfenhaus11211052.38
View dismissalMS Dhoni*†c Hussey b Hilfenhaus680075.00
View dismissalR Ashwinc †Haddin b Siddle31353188.57
View dismissalZ Khanb Pattinson461066.66
U Yadavnot out2160012.50
Extras(w 1, nb 3)4
Total(all out; 94.1 overs)282(2.99 runs per over)
Fall of wickets 1-22 (Gambhir, 7.5 ov)2-97 (Sehwag, 28.2 ov)3-214 (Tendulkar, 64.3 ov),
 4-214 (Dravid, 65.2 ov) ,5-221 (Laxman, 72.4 ov)6-238 (Kohli, 79.2 ov)7-245 (Dhoni, 81.4 ov)8-254 (Sharma, 87.2 ov),
 9-259 (Khan, 88.6 ov),10-282 (Ashwin, 94.1 ov)
View wicketsJL Pattinson2365522.39(1w)
View wicketsBW Hilfenhaus2657552.88(1nb)
View wicketsPM Siddle21.126332.97(2nb)
NM Lyon1726603.88
MEK Hussey501503.00
DA Warner20804.00
Australia 2nd inningsRB4s6sSR
View dismissalDA Warnerb Yadav5270018.51
View dismissalEJM Cowanlbw b Yadav8171047.05
View dismissalSE Marshb Yadav3110027.27
View dismissalRT Pontingc Sehwag b Khan60973061.85
View dismissalMJ Clarke*b Sharma140025.00
MEK Husseynot out791347058.95
View dismissalBJ Haddinc Laxman b Khan6140042.85
View dismissalPM Siddlec †Dhoni b Yadav4220018.18
View dismissalNM Lyonlbw b Ashwin011000.00
JL Pattinsonnot out3260011.53
Extras(b 4, lb 2, w 1, nb 3)10
Total(8 wickets; 60 overs)179(2.98 runs per over)
To bat BW Hilfenhaus
Fall of wickets 1-13 (Warner, 7.1 ov)2-16 (Cowan, 7.4 ov)3-24 (Marsh, 11.3 ov)4-27 (Clarke, 12.5 ov),
5-142 (Ponting, 40.2 ov)6-148 (Haddin, 42.5 ov)7-163 (Siddle, 50.6 ov)8-166 (Lyon, 53.6 ov)

View wicketsZ Khan1313222.46(1nb, 1w)
View wicketsU Yadav1534943.26
View wicketI Sharma1104113.72(2nb)
View wicketR Ashwin1944412.31
V Sehwag20703.50


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