Pensive: Honouring Commitments

By Sarah Mahmood

All right, so how many times have you promised to do something for someone whereas when the moment came your laziness crossed all bounds? And then how many times have you actually realized the fact that the one thing that you are not doing here is 'honouring your commitment'?

If the answer to the first question is numerous then the one to the second is almost none. Yes, that indeed is the sad, sad state that the majority out there is in. I tell a friend I am going to attend her birthday party and all along I never even intend to. My project leader asks me to look up a couple of things as soon as possible and here I am loitering about and coming up with the progress only after a couple of weeks. A colleague asks me to help her in a problem and I promise to and yet I never care to ask her again about how she is doing. A relative's getting married and very fervently asks me to be on time (with me nodding in affirmation of course!) and what do I do? Yes, you guessed it right! I end up a good two hours late than the scheduled time, hoping to be marked for my presence!

In addition to weakening your own personality and self, it is a bad social practice with those around you finding you highly unreliable and sometimes even irritating. It must therefore be overcome in order to gain a strong social standing and to become someone that everyone can rely on!


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