Pensive: "Be the change you want to see"

By Sarah Mahmood

The Pensive today aims to reach out to the people of Pakistan and the people of all those countries that are facing a similar situation -- one of increased instability and turmoil; those people who are earnestly looking for solutions to their problems but somehow end up getting nowhere.

What's interesting is that these people blame the ones in charge of running their country. They blame them of looting the country's wealth to fill their own bellies. They blame them of poor system management which they say is the basis of all their problems. These accusations aren't wrong. Rather, they are cent per cent correct and justified. However, what these people don't seem to understand is that the desired change lies within themselves. The moment someone stops at the red light not because the police would chase them all across the city until they get hold of them but because it is a rule that must be upheld, the very same system that they blame for all its ills would come tumbling down. A principled leader would only be about 20 percent helpful. The rest 80 percent has to come from the ruled -- the accusers!

As Gandhi very rightly once said "Be the change you want to see in the world", it is essential that these people develop in themselves the consciousness of where they need to do things right. It is extremely hard to choose what is right over what is easy, and thus most of them choose to blame what is beyond their 'Circle of Influence'. All they need to do is this: instead of looking for things that are beyond their control, they need to start looking for those that they can influence.


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