Pattinson leads Australia to the Victory

By Hussain Ali
Sports Correspondent,SAM Daily Times

Match Report Scoreboard

James Pattinson became Man of the Match

Brisbane, December 4: James Pattinson's devastating bowling guided Australia to the victory as Australia chased just 19 runs, to win the 1st test over New Zealand on Sunday.
This was a memorable performance from the 21-year-old making his debut with a five wicket haul, sending off top five batsmen at the order. The second over of the 4th day was a triple wicket maiden and despite a 52-run partnership between Dean Brownlie (42) and Daniel Vettori (17), NZ never looked capable of securing a draw but  made Australia bat again.
Earlier in the first innings New Zealand scored 295 runs. Brownlie (77) and Vettori added 158 runs for the 6th wicket, after they were set reeling on 96-5.
Captain Micheal Clark's century and some valuable runs from Brad Haddin (80) put Aussies in strong position as they scored 427 runs in their first innings leading New Zealand with 132 runs.


New Zealand 1st inningsRMB4s6sSR
View dismissalBB McCullumc Warner b Starc3479517066.66
View dismissalMJ Guptillc †Haddin b Siddle1355341038.23
View dismissalKS Williamsonc Khawaja b Lyon1943333057.57
View dismissalLRPL Taylor*b Pattinson1432153093.33
View dismissalJD Ryderc Warner b Starc623191031.57
DG Brownlienot out772481738044.50
View dismissalDL Vettorirun out (Hussey)961861279075.59
View dismissalRA Youngc Clarke b Siddle2550040.00
View dismissalDAJ Bracewellc Clarke b Lyon01518000.00
View dismissalTG Southeec Hussey b Lyon17141201141.66
View dismissalCS Martinb Lyon11512008.33
Extras(b 9, lb 1, w 3, nb 3)16
Total(all out; 82.5 overs)295(3.56 runs per over)
Fall of wickets1-44 (Guptill, 10.5 ov)2-56 (McCullum, 15.6 ov)3-78 (Williamson, 20.6 ov)4-93 (Taylor, 23.4 ov),5-96 (Ryder, 25.6 ov)6-254 (Vettori, 68.6 ov)7-256 (Young, 69.5 ov)8-259 (Bracewell, 74.6 ov)9-290 (Southee, 78.5 ov),10-295 (Martin, 82.5 ov)
View wicketJL Pattinson1516414.26(2nb, 2w)
View wicketsPM Siddle2485722.37(1nb, 1w)
View wicketsMA Starc2019024.50
View wicketsNM Lyon21.516943.16
MEK Hussey20502.50
Australia 1st inningsRMB4s6sSR
View dismissalDA Warnerc †Young b Southee35300100.00
View dismissalPJ Hughesc Guptill b Martin1028191052.63
View dismissalUT Khawajarun out (Williamson)38124773049.35
View dismissalRT Pontinglbw b Martin7822814012055.71
View dismissalMJ Clarke*c Southee b Martin13936624919155.82
View dismissalMEK Husseyc Ryder b Vettori1580492030.61
View dismissalBJ Haddinc Martin b Guptill802511456255.17
View dismissalPM Siddlec Taylor b Vettori065000.00
View dismissalJL Pattinsonc Taylor b Bracewell1237351034.28
MA Starcnot out3260543059.25
View dismissalNM Lyonc Brownlie b Southee51160083.33
Extras(lb 6, w 3, nb 6)15
Total(all out; 129.2 overs)427(3.30 runs per over)
Fall of wickets1-3 (Warner, 1.1 ov)2-25 (Hughes, 6.1 ov)3-91 (Khawaja, 27.1 ov)4-177 (Ponting, 52.4 ov),5-237 (Hussey, 70.1 ov)6-345 (Clarke, 105.4 ov)7-345 (Siddle, 106.5 ov)8-374 (Pattinson, 115.4 ov),9-418 (Haddin, 126.6 ov)10-427 (Lyon, 129.2 ov)
View wicketsDL Vettori37138822.37
View wicketsTG Southee28.2510323.63
View wicketsCS Martin2858933.17(2w)
View wicketDAJ Bracewell26310414.00(5nb, 1w)
View wicketMJ Guptill301816.00(1nb)
DG Brownlie301103.66
KS Williamson40802.00
New Zealand 2nd inningsRMB4s6sSR
View dismissalMJ Guptillc Khawaja b Pattinson1240332036.36
View dismissalBB McCullumc Ponting b Pattinson130100010.00
View dismissalDAJ Bracewellc †Haddin b Pattinson231200010.00
View dismissalKS Williamsonc Ponting b Pattinson012000.00
View dismissalLRPL Taylor*c †Haddin b Pattinson011000.00
View dismissalJD Ryderc Hussey b Lyon3663386094.73
View dismissalDG Brownliec Warner b Siddle42127804052.50
View dismissalDL Vettoric Clarke b Hussey1774630026.98
RA Youngnot out1144272040.74
View dismissalTG Southeec Warner b Lyon8192044.44
View dismissalCS Martinc Starc b Lyon01610000.00
Extras(lb 15, w 2, nb 4)21
Total(all out; 49.4 overs)150(3.02 runs per over)
Fall of wickets1-10 (McCullum, 6.1 ov)2-17 (Guptill, 8.2 ov)3-17 (Williamson, 8.4 ov)4-17 (Taylor, 8.5 ov),5-28 (Bracewell, 12.3 ov)6-69 (Ryder, 21.2 ov)7-121 (Vettori, 39.4 ov)8-123 (Brownlie, 40.6 ov),9-141 (Southee, 45.4 ov)10-150 (Martin, 49.4 ov)
View wicketsJL Pattinson1152752.45(1nb)
View wicketPM Siddle1634412.75(3nb, 1w)
MA Starc603305.50(1w)
View wicketsNM Lyon11.421931.62
View wicketMEK Hussey41711.75
DA Warner10505.00
Australia 2nd innings (target: 19 runs)RMB4s6sSR
View dismissalPJ Hughesc Guptill b Martin76610116.66
DA Warnernot out1212430300.00
UT Khawajanot out064000.00
Total(1 wicket; 2.2 overs)19(8.14 runs per over)
Did not bat RT PontingMJ Clarke*, MEK HusseyBJ Haddin†, PM SiddleJL PattinsonMA StarcNM Lyon
Fall of wickets1-11 (Hughes, 1.2 ov)

TG Southee1011011.00
View wicketCS Martin11010.00
DAJ Bracewell0.208024.00


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