Live a Healthier Life

Obesity is not only a cause of many diseases but also creates difficulties moving around in the society.Here go some healthy-slimming-startegies:
  • Make whole, unprocessed grains, vegetables, beans and fruits the main stays of your food plan. Take small amounts of animal protein.
  • Until you've achieved your desired weight , steer clear of dry foods such as bread, crackers and other flour products.
  • Avoid food that contain more fat content.
  • Eat more  fruits and vegetables..
  • Don't drink much water, Eat it instead!. Foods with great amount of water content fill you up and have staying power.
  • Eat the less-kilojoule foods first such as salads, steamed vegetables etc
  • Eat frequently. Three full meals a day, along with two or three lo-kilojoule-dense snacks between meals, will control hunger.
  • Avoid refined suger; satisfy your sweet truth through fruits.
  • Avoid soft drinks fruit juices, alcohol beverages!
  • Walk three or four kilometers a day , at modern pace, over a 30 to 45 minute period.


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