Yelawolf, "Let's Roll"

Michael Wayne Atha, born on December 30, 1979, better known by his stage name Yelawolf, is an White American Rapper, currently signed to Shady Records, Ghet-O-Vision Entertainment and Interscope Records. "Let's Roll" is the new single by Yelawolf featuring Detroit rocker Kid Rock and the Hip Hop inventor DJ Kool Herc.

Yela said Let's Roll music video will be a magic and expects the video will help define his career. "It's just one of those days that things came together the way they came together, and it'll be a pivotal video in my career," he said. "I know it's gonna really open up a huge door and open a lot of people up to the music."

Some might find Let’s Roll too corny for a roughneck hillbilly like Yelawolf, but we appreciate his sentimentality and his hometown pride. Overall, the beat hits harder than the Crimson Tide football team he proudly raps about on the song.


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