Worlds Most Dangerous Volcano

The most dangerous Volcanoes reported by Science is "Mount Doom", known to North Koreans as Paektu and to Chinese as Changbai .It erupts after every 100 years or so ;last eruption reported in 1903. Richard Stone of Science writes :
“Around 1000 years ago, the volcano rained tephra—pumice and ash—across 33,000 square kilometers of northeast China and Korea, dumping 5 centimeters of ash as far away as Japan…. Because Changbai's silica-rich magma is viscous and gassy, allowing pressure to build, the next eruption should be explosive.”
Discovery News describes the possible consequences of any future eruption in these words "100,000 people would be vulnerable to avalanches of superheated gas, rock and ash called pyroclastic flows. Even a much smaller eruption could catastrophically drain the deep lake that now sits atop the mountain. Mixed with rocks, mud and vegetation, all that water would become a soupy stew called a lahar, which would hurtle down the lake’s single outlet, a narrow valley on the Chinese side where 60,000 people reside"
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