Warning of heavy rain for Sindh & Balochistan

There is another worrying weather forecast for lower Sindh and Balochistan which are still struggling to recover from the devastation caused by recent torrential rains.

A well-marked low pressure area developing over the central parts of Arabian Sea has intensified into a `depression` (strong weather system) and is likely to generate widespread rain in southern Balochistan and lower Sindh from Tuesday to Thursday.

The monsoon rains which had hit Sindh and Balochistan about two months ago displaced millions of people.

According to the Met department, the depression is located 1,200km south-southwest of Balochistan coast. The system moving in north-westerly direction is likely to hit the eastern coast of Oman on Tuesday, causing widespread heavy rains, accompanied by strong gusty winds.

Flood-affected areas of lower Sindh may also receive scattered thundershowers on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Met Office advised fishermen in both provinces not to venture into the open sea from Tuesday till Thursday, saying the sea conditions were likely to remain `rough` to `very rough` during the period.

Courtesy: Dawn News


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