Travel to River Seine in Paris

Anum Rasheed

Some of the best things in life -- and in Paris -- are free. Walking the paths and bridges that line and cross over the River Seine is one of the most quintessential "Paris" things to do, and it's also very lovely. All you really need to accompany your meander is some comfortable shoes, a camera (for some excellent photo ops), a croissant/baguette (for nourishment, depending on the time of day), and if it's available, your significant other's hand.

Experts and travelers agree that one of the best ways to experience Paris is to hop on a Bateaux-Mouche tour. These boats -- which dock along the Port des Champs Elysées just southwest of the Tuileries -- coast by some of the city's major sights, including Notre-Dame, Place de la Concorde and the Louvre.For more information, check out the Bateaux-Mouche website



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