Tips for a Healthy Brain

  1. It is the novel and complex that will challenge the brain, stimulate learning, and promote synaptic density, decreasing the likelihood that neurodegenerative disease will manifest.Therefore, continually learning new things will ensure your brain is always expanding and staying sharp!
  2. Exercise performed on a routine basis may not only reduce the risk of neurodegenerative disease, but also may help to slow the course of an existing disease, such as Alzheimer's.Exercise can improve our energy levels, sense of well-being, sleep, and brain health. Engaging in regular exercise also reduces the risk of depression and anxiety. 
  3. Engaging in new pursuits with friends often helps develop new life roles, which provide us with an opportunity to feel appreciated, enjoy life, laugh, and have fun.
  4. Be Health Conscious. To keep yourself at your healthiest, maintain regular physical examinations, and follow your physician's advice.
  5. Our brains require time to process information more deeply, in order to gain more benefit from our daily experiencesA new field of study referred to as neurotheology has been advancing the study of the neurophysiological correlation between prayer and subjective experience. Multiple studies have shown a relationship between spirituality and the immune system.
Data was collected from RD Health


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