The Tastiest Natural Medicine

Termed as the Tastiest Natural Medicine, Honey constitutes 80% of carbohydrates (main source of energy) and it also contains fats, Vitamins, electrolytes, proteins and even dietary fibers. The carbohydrates present are Fructose(More than 35%), Glucose(More than 35%), Maltose(6-8%) and Sucrose(1-2%). Lets Look at some of its benefits
  • Honey for Constipation and hyper-acidity: Fresh honey, mixed with lemon juice drunk in the morning with empty stomach relieves off constipation and hyper-acidity
  • Honey for Obesity: A person can get rid of obesity without losing energy since honey is full of carbohydrates as mentioned before. 
  • Honey for Hair growth: "The massage with honey and alcohol on scalp stimulates hair follicles and make them smooth and dandruff free"
  • Antiseptic and Antioxidant: With its amazing healing properties, it is also used as a head-to-toe remedy, from eye conjunctivitis to athlete foot. It is highly known for its cut healing property and as a cure for many health disorders.It  fights infection, aids tissue healing , inflammation and scarring.
  • Honey for Beauty: It has got great cleansing properties for our body. It is a very much used for hot beauty and skin care by ladies.
A spoon of honey daily, can definitely keep one away from doctor.


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